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What Are The Requirements to Become a Certified Yoga Instructor?

This should be of interest if you are a yoga enthusiast and you want to become a certified yoga trainer or you want to open your yoga and wellness center, there are few things that are required of an individual before the registration is done and certificate is issued and one can start giving classes as certified yoga trainer and you have to learn all about it before trying to start something on your own or join a yoga and wellness center, my FAQ’s were answered by Marianne Wells Yoga School as their website has been the most amazing online support for me, the yoga school has a five star rating and has everything one can imagine in a yoga school, their curated and other yoga teacher training programs are extensive and you should have a look at what they’re offering before you start looking anywhere else.

Most people think that all they need is a 200 hour yoga teacher training course and they can get started but that is far from reality as there are a number of different requirements, the fact that you don’t need to get registered or get certifications from a government body makes people believe that anyone and everyone can roll out a mat and start taking yoga classes, yoga schools and studios would require certain certifications as well as insurance and even if you start your journey online the students would want to ensure that their teacher has all the right certifications and learned from the best schools as well, if you ignore any of these and start online then you are risking your reputation big time and you can wave goodbye to your professional career as a yoga instructor before you get even started properly.